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Throughout this 42 page workbook, you will find a series of activities designed to help you get to know yourself, your relationship and how to do things differently.


This workbook focuses on ADHD and relationship strengths and challenges. You can do these activities by yourself or with your partner.


Try and set aside a little bit of time each week to spend with this book, getting to know yourself and your relationship, think of it like taking yourself on a date!


ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is indeed not a crime; it's just a different way of being. We, the individuals with ADHD, are lively, fun, and always up for excitement. Sure, we might struggle with impatience and fidgeting, but that doesn't make us less valuable or less deserving of love and respect. In fact, our unique perspectives and energy can offer our loved ones a vibrant and dynamic relationship experience (APA, 2013).


However, it's essential to understand that being in a relationship where our ADHD symptoms are constantly viewed as problematic can be damaging. It's hurtful to be told that there's something wrong with who we are. So, let's stand up for ourselves and communicate openly about our feelings. This open communication can bring us closer together and prevent resentment (Barkley, 2015).

Relationships and ADHD: Your guide to getting it right

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