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​At Balance Centre for Mental Health Wisdom & Wellness we understand people are time poor and often cannot commit to ongoing therapy. Our approach is based on session limited evidenced based therapy. Research tells us that a large portion of people who access therapy felt better after just one session! Based on this we have developed packages to suit both long term and short-term therapy needs.

People do therapy for months and spend so much money trying to get heard or have any useful input from their therapists and relaxing into that relationship becomes hard in itself. The casual environment I create means you don’t have to feel performative in front of me and we do real talk, and I won’t pretend to be someone I’m not either.

Counselling   |   Professional Psychological Services
ADHD Services    Neurodivergent Life Skills Coaching
Family & Parenting Support   |   Kids Support Groups

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For adolescents and adults ready for change

My psychological services and counselling services provide psychological intervention which integrates approaches such as cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, mindfulness, interpersonal therapy, motivational interviewing, and practical strategies, adapted to your needs.

Your support plan will draw on a range of psychological practices and education that suits your specific needs. I make sure the therapeutic environment is as relaxed and calm as possible and that you feel comfortable enough to unmask and we can really look at what's going on. I practice primarily in mindfulness DBT CBT acceptance and commitment therapy all framed very much around you and making sure you have the space you need to explore.

We also provide counselling for parents / carers of neurodivergent younger people, assisting with stress management and meaningful support with parenting. 

Counselling is provided by Accredited Mental Health Social Workers (who provide service similar to that of a Registered Psychologist). 


You may be able to receive a Medicare rebate of $81.90 with a GP referral and Mental Health Care Plan - Please speak to your GP about this.

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To help you close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. 

Coaching support for ADHD and neurodivergent people is a combination of psycho education and learning the components that make up your brain function and how it affects your life.


We look at how it's affecting you and how it shows up in your life and then use a therapeutic process of unpacking how it has left its mark on your life in the past and its ongoing impact.


I take a practical approach to therapy, helping you develop a ‘toolkit’ of personalised strategies and coping skills, so that you feel equipped to deal with life’s challenges. I aim to empower you by helping you recognise your existing strengths and learn new psychological skills.

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For parents and kids dealing with all kinds of difficulties.

All parents could use a hand sometimes, but parents of neurodivergent children might find themselves needing a different kind of support. My Parenting Support services are for parents who want to understand neurodiversity and how to be in a relationship with their neurodiverse children, or are looking for parenting approaches that work best for the specific needs of their child. Working from a collaborative space we develop a plan for managing your child's unique needs together.

For Parents of Adult Children

Parents of adult children often feel a bit disconnected from their child as they grow and transition to adulthood. Communication differences and relationship expectations can often be the cause of this. These challenges can be more difficult to navigate if your adult child is living with you. Together we explore what's going on, your ideas of parenthood through this phase/ life transition and then develop practical tools for a path forward. 

For Parents of Young Children

Exploring where the tension points are for the family and coming up with practical solutions to help make life a little more peaceful.

Telehealth & online sessions      Group support sessions
In Person Counselling & Coaching   |   DIY programs online

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Being a Mental Health Social Worker means that I want to be able to provide you with resources, tools and support however you need it, when you need it. Sometimes we need intensive talking sessions, or someone to verbally guide us through what's going on and how to fix it. Other times, we just need a little bit of extra help or guidance for us to get on with it on our own. I have flexible booking options and online resources to help you.



Telehealth, video and in person appointments for counselling and coaching support options.

Our mental health professional services are available for traditional one on one consultations either in person or via telehealth. 

We will work with you to understand your current situation, your mental wellness goals and tailor therapy to match your individual circumstances.

For those wanting to engage our services outside of the Redcliffe area, we offer telehealth consultations for all services also. Please get in contact to make your booking.

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Connect, be present, and down regulate in a safe environment.

Our online courses are designed to support people of all ages in managing life’s stressors and symptoms of anxiety, overwhelm and more.

Our dedicated programs have three main age groups, kids, teens and adults. The kids and teens groups are exclusively offered in person but the adult courses are a mix of online and in person group support or online self-directed learning with a range of ever evolving resources and learning content.  Our programs incorporate the principals of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to provide a framework for living a calm mindful life.

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